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My creative approach is something that has stuck around with me ever since holding a charcoal pencil in Year 3. The portrayal of emotion and expression of identity through an artistic approach appealed to me and allowed me to use paints and colour to tell my own story through a visual medium.

From a Charcoal Drawing to Expressionist Painting

The creative journey started in Year 3 for me, when I first discovered that drawing was something I enjoyed and was good at. Having learned about coal mining in class, we were given charcoal to create a piece inspired by men in the coal mines who'd be isolated in darkness. At the age that I was, my mum quickly realised that art was something that I could take further and she pushed me to develop my skills over the years.

It was since then that my creative drive built on many and many hours of colour and strokes on paper as I experimented with different methods and tried to find myself through the medium. If it wasn't for the determination that my mum was constantly giving me to carry on, I wouldn't have been at the place that I am today.

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'Hot sun, 6pm, olive and cypress trees' - Kurt Jackson
'Wrens chatting, sun sinking into an Autumn woodland' - Kurt Jackson
'Back to Kardamili after 27 years away' - Kurt Jackson
Romanticism Landscape Painting
Series of Observational Paintings
"The Death of Nature" Installation
Anselm Kiefer Painting🡭 SEE MORE