Kurt Jackson Paintings

Oil & Acrylic Paintings

As I experimented with different materials, I fell in love with painting because of its limitless possibilities with colour, texture, and composition. Painting calms me down and allows me to relax as I intake the feeling of the paintbrush against the canvas and spill out my emotions through paint and colour.

'Back to Kardamili after 27 years away'

The first painting of Kurt Jackson's series (from the book "A New Genre of Landscape Painting") that I did was an abstract and experimental woodland forest which utilised colours and strokes in a way I had not seen before. This piece in particular was my way of experimenting with thicker (oil) paints on top of watercolours to achieve an impasto effect.

I am happy with how the piece came out because it was a successful attempt at a recreation of a landscape piece, but also very successful in trying out different media in a way I hadn't used paint before. The composition of the piece also stood out to me due to its beautifying of nature and portrayal of forestry. The colours present an autumn theme with the warm analogous red-orange-yellow base palette, which contrasts with the complementary greens and blues and creates the distinct line from the floor and the sky.

'Hot sun, 6pm, olive and cypress trees'

This was the second painting I did from Kurt Jackson's series, but this time I tried a much larger scale and painted on a canvas rather than paper. For this piece I used Old Holland Acrylic Paints which have a very rich and vibrant colour pigment and brought the painting to life.

I really enjoyed painting on a canvas standing up (using an easel) as it allowed much more freedom with the brush and applying as much pressure and paint as I needed. The painting itself is a big success for me as it was my first large-scale painting that I really liked. The colours in particular stand out to me because almost every hue on the colour wheel is used to complement and contrast against each other, but work together in harmony to create the composition. The process of impasto was used again to create a unique texture over the background and bring forwards the foregrounded aspects of the painting.

'Wrens chatting, sun sinking into an Autumn woodland'

This painting was also done on the same size canvas as the previous one, however I made sure to use completely different colours and composition for a different effect. It links much more strongly to my theme around the death of nature, and follows my warm analogous red-orange-yellow-brown palette that I used across my projects.

Personally, I think this painting was the most successful. It portrays my emotions towards forests and woodland, with beautiful harmonious autumn hues clashing with the blues and greens of the depths and fog, with the trees and branches crossing over each other and reflecting in the water. The splashes of paint and the impasto over the foreground was used to imitate the effect of falling leaves in the autumn and of wind carrying residue around, creating beautiful splashes of colour and exciting texture. I'm really happy with how the piece turned out overall.