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My drive for creating stories

My passion for writing started from a young age when I fell in love with the idea of being able to create my own world and put my own characters into it. The freedom of having the possibility to do anything really helped me when growing up to reach self-discovery and find out who I am and aspire to be.

From inspiration to dedication

The release of the film Cargo (Howling & Ramke, 2017) was a big moment in my life as it had sprouted inspiration and determination inside me, namely to write my first book "The Journey." My passion for story writing later seeped into "The Blacklist" trilogy, which is by far my proudest work of literature.

What means the most to me in my book series is the drama and conflict between the characters. It is a constant and eternal reminder to me of the love and friendship bonds that I have had in my years growing up, which is why I connect with it so much. In the future, if I ever had one final goal in mind, it would be transferring 'The Blacklist' trilogy into a film series and sharing them with the rest of the world on the big screen.

The Journey (2018)

I self-published The Journey in 2018 on a website publisher named Lulu. It was my first ever larger piece of writing outside of school projects, and I was very proud of it. Being only 14 at the time of writing it, it was a huge accomplishment. Looking back now, it is not to the best of my abilities, and there are many areas on which I could improve on now if I had the chance to. But nevertheless, I am still very proud of it.

The Journey is a short novel about a teenage boy living in a post-apocalyptic world, set in Australia. It follows his journey as he travels through the country’s heat-ridden terrain and encounters many obstacles along the way. It is an emotional story, and is driven by the main character’s mind.

"48 hours one had when bitten. Everyone knew that – the stupidest and the cleverest all shared one thought, ‘If I get bitten, I have 48 hours 'till I'm not myself any more’. Seeing someone you love get attacked by a disease is hard enough, but then witnessing them going against you is the worst that could happen. Follow Tom on a Journey to the Northern Territory, in the most thrilling and nerve-wracking Australian teenager zombie novel yet!"

The Blacklist Trilogy (unpublished)

I started writing The Blacklist back in February 2019, along with two of my highschool friends. It quickly became a personal project, as I was the only one out of us three who had experience in writing novels. It was a book about four young agents and their exciting missions, filled with gore, drama and relationship development. It still holds my best memories and is one of my proudest pieces of work.

Interestingly, this book was actually derived from an old script I wrote in late 2018, with the same title. It was much shorter and contained under half of the story that this book now has. The script was originally written for a live action film, but was quickly scrapped when we realised that we weren’t capable of creating it. Instead, I transformed it into a book, which later became a series.

The trilogy consists of: "The Blacklist", "The Blacklist: Reunited" and "The Blacklist: Lost".

A direct sequel to The Blacklist, The Blacklist: Reunited saw the consequences of the first book acting out on the main characters. Set five years later, it goes through the reunion of the old group, except under different - and much serious - circumstances. It’s at this point that you really realise that this isn’t just an action series, but dives into much deeper topics.

Being the third and last installment of the trilogy, The Blacklist: Lost tied up the loose ends and finished off the character arcs we had been building. It is very brutal, even much more than the previous two books, and it’s set another five years after The Blacklist: Reunited. This is my proudest ever work by far, and contains some of my finest writing. Not only is the actual quality much further ahead from the other two, but the character development and narrative is on another level.

This book involves the death of many characters who we’ve become to love over the first two stories. It’s very tragic and emotional, and tugs on your heart strings throughout, serving constant hit after hit. It’s a beautiful end to an amazing series of books that will forever be deep in my heart.

Screenplay Writing

I must also note that all of my films were written by me and contain original screenplays. You can find out more about that by going into my Film Page.