"Death of Nature" Installation

"The Death of Nature"

For the theme for my A-Level Art coursework, I wanted to explore messages about nature's death and decay and how we perceive it on a daily basis. My project resolved around exploring different aspects of decay in plants and how I can portray it through and art form to inform the audience about how we can change the world.

The Installation

Moving from two to three dimensional art was difficult for me as I was used to being confined to the limitations of a page and working on it. However now, I let my art work grow and allow myself to be inspired by the creation process to take it further every time I worked on it.

The installation was a constant collection of pieces of nature that I had collected on my walks through the forest with my dog. The woods is an important place for me as it is where I recollect myself and let myself forget about the problems of life. Every single item on these boards reminds me of the peace and tranquility I feel when I'm outside.

I also created small observations from this Installation:

Materials Used

The boards contained many different materials and processes, ranging from plants such as branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit, to small watercolour & ink paintings, oil paintings, charcoal and chalk drawings, and suspension by thread.

It was my chance to express myself and become inspired by the process itself. As more things were added to the boards, a story developed and my personal feelings towards nature could be told to the audience.

Decaying of Fruit

Inspired by the suspension of leaves and light objects, I thought it would be interesting to suspend fruit and watch them as they decayed and rotted over time.

The segments allowed me to look inside the fruit and see how the flesh progressed and wrinkled in reaction to its deformation.