Minecraft Java

Working as a Minecraft Builder

For the past three years, I have taken part in helping to build on various Minecraft servers, worked with Event organisers on large-scale streamer events, and have taken commissions from YouTubers and creators.

I really enjoy building and feel so lucky to be able to earn money alongside it. I love the process of receiving a brief from the client, planning and mapping out ideas and structure, and then creating something amazing out of it. It is always so fulfilling to receive feedback and learn from mistakes to achieve even greater. 

What I can offer

My biggest strength is in diversity and productivity, as well as perseverance. I am timely and aim to always submit work before or at the deadline. I have tackled many styles and themes; medieval, modern, colourful, landscape, buildings, all across the board! Something I'm quite good at and have been commissioned to do a lot in the past is building minigame maps for Minecraft servers.

I have worked with quite a number of clients in the past few years, and many of them would come back to me with more offers and projects to work alongside me again. It means so much to me to be able to take on someone's idea and develop their imagination into reality.

With working with me you get access to progress screenshots, lots of updates, a flexible timetable, great detail and artistic choice, as well as someone easy to communicate with. I am mature, professional, but also can be casual and a great friend. Come check out my work!

My Rates / Prices

The prices for my commissions are decided upon by both me and client before the building pursues. Below is an average guide to my prices, however they may change per-client. There are also examples provided from past builds.

Small Build $50-100

Small map or individual structure, fully detailed. May include terrain elements.

Medium Build $100-200

A map made up of multiple structures or precise terrain work. Custom landscape, lots of detail.

Large Build $200+

Very large structure or map, fully detailed and large-scaled, with an extensive surrounding environment.

Portfolio (most recent first)

EVNT Pride Games 2023

It was an awesome achievement to have been the builder for EVNT's 2023 rendition of Pride Games; hosted by JustKaboodle, partnered with Paws of Pride and oraganised by BumpyJake for the second year in a row. The events raised lots of money for the Trevor Project!

I was the builder of the large Capture the Flag map for this year's event, which was a pride-themed alien planet with a gay volcano in the center! It was great to be given full creative freedom by Jake so that I could go crazy with this build... I also applied a pride overlay onto Braffik's amazing BlockHunt map from last event.

Builds for BlockRat (ongoing)

I have done a series of small and larger builds for Minecraft YouTuber BlockRat! These range from a rat-themed house in the Nether, to a rat-themed pirate ship, a large neon parkour map, and lots of others! 

I've loved working with David as he's very descriptive and specific with his briefs and gives great feedback upon work in progress screenshots. David has returned to me with more commissions over the past weeks and we have a great supportive collaboration and friendship going on because of this! 

I am still continuing to expand this series of builds with David/BlockRat.

Bidwars Seasons 1-3 (ongoing)

I was commissioned and invited by Gav1n to the 1N Productions Minecraft Event team back when Bidwars Season 1 was first starting. I have worked on various minigame maps over the years - such as Survival Games, PvP Brawl, Speedy Builders, and more - as well as being the builder of the Bidwars Main Hub.

Building for 1N's Bidwars is a very great and fun experience due to the awesome casino theme that the event is set in, and the different original minigames that they work on. I have continued to work with 1N Productions on every Bidwars Season so far.

EVNT LifePack Charity Event

I worked on EVNT's event for LifePack Charity. This was a bingo-themed event where creators and streamers would compete in a Survival World to complete task. My job on this project was to build a fun lobby for the players to be in before the event begun. I decided to challenge myself and build a colourful Disney-themed castle, with fun floating islands, lots of flowers and rainbows, and of course the yellow and black LifePack colours.

Lenovo Winter Games

As my first project in DotWav (now merged with EVNT), I was put on a team with Tidall to work on Lenovo Legion's Winter Games

I was set with building two Spleef-themed arenas, with custom Ice Spikes and Mountain terrains for the backdrops. I also helped Tidall with securing the lobby, placing custom models, and general QOL improvements on the other maps.

McProm 2021-2022 (ongoing)

My first big commission for a Minecraft server was McProm organised by Argon and WillCreated. It was such an amazing experience to work with two of the best event organisers in the Minecraft Community, and I couldn’t be happier with both the process and the outcome. A very stylised build, custom resources, and a few hours, soon paid off and resulted in a beautiful map for an awesome event.

Ever since, I have been taken back as builder for Argon's McProm events. Over the years, the event has gotten bigger and bigger, and so have the builds!

Charizard Statue

My first large-scale organic build was a 200m tall statue of the Pokémon Charizard, for YouTube persona Harry Carlisle

Although it is not my best work, it was one of my first attempts at a build of this type, and I sure gained a lot of experience from it!

The Witcher Medieval Village

This build was also a set for a Minecraft Machinima (film) for SRG from Valor Studios! I loved going back to the medieval theme, as many of my commissions around that time had been modern and minigames. I had to build in 1.12.2 to allow the filmmakers to use Blockbuster mod for filming so I was very limited with what was available in the old version of Minecraft. 

I used Conquest Reforged (resource pack and mod) for this build which expanded my palette and capabilities. An exciting part of this was that I had to decorate the interior of the large Inn building, which I don't often do!

The build was later used in their Minecraft Machinima, which you can watch here!

Bear Events

A very big commission and undertaking for me at the time; BearEvents is a minigame server inspired by Minecraft Championships. I am honoured to be the Head Builder for this event, and I had many many maps to build, ranging in styles and sizes. BearEvents is organised and run by Youn and Mustard.

Below are the maps I have built for the event. It was a great and very fun project to be part of as it allowed me to dive in and experience a tough and extreme workflow with no time to mess around. Every minute mattered as I was given 15+ maps to build... However, it was a great experience nonetheless and I gained a lot of skills from it. There was landscape work, buildings, medieval, modern, simple, detailed, and everything in between! I must note that on some maps I collaborated with friend and skilled builder Braigar, who I will credit under maps he helped me with!

Crafty's Awards

I had the absolute honour to build the set for The Crafty’s Awards show by Hype Events, Argon, and Magic! The Crafty’s were a fun awards show rewarding content creators and Minecraft players for their achievements over the last several years. 

This was by far one of my biggest undertakings as a builder. The main set was huge… Much bigger than most builds I had ever worked on at the time. Not only was the main stage building a large and very detailed build, but the entire surrounding area was filled with carnivals, small minigames, plants, and more decorations. Then, the entire build was encompassed by beautiful wooden walls, with an extensive spruce forest on the outside!

Cave Build for Valor Studios

This build was quite unique as it is a set for a Minecraft Machinima (film) for Valor Studios! I really enjoyed this although it was definitely one of the more difficult builds. I had to build in 1.12.2 to allow the filmmakers to use Blockbuster mod for filming so I was very limited with what was available in the old version of Minecraft. 

I used Conquest Reforged (resource pack and mod) for this build which expanded my palette and capabilities. It was hard to light the build and get it to look exactly how the client wanted, however after I finished he said he loved it! A lot of challenges cropped up in this one but after a few difficult days I managed to pull through and get it finished.

PVP Arena for Appl3 PvP

For this build, I had the chance to work on a PvP Arena for a Survival SMP server Appl3 PvP! It was very fun and I had a great time working with such a different and creative palette. The structure of the build is also very different from what I usually do. My brief was quite open except a few small references so I had the creative freedom to take this where I wanted, drawing visual stimuli and ideas for the client, 0n3 Appl3.


I helped out with the building for a Minecraft event called PrideCTF, which was a Capture The Flag event by Argon and Wither. I had to build three maps for this event, as well as the main lobby. Although it was quite a small commission altogether, it established some of my contacts and allowed me to work alongside Argon for the second time! (incomplete screenshots)

The Game: Rebooted

I can’t be more proud to say that I was the lead exterior builder for Tossler Productions in their Minecraft Movie “The Game: Rebooted”. It was some of the best experience I have ever acquired and it makes up my first ever commission as a paid Minecraft builder! I earned heaps of practice with this project and had to build numerous different maps following briefs and concept art. I really enjoyed it and was proud of the finished product making it into the film!


Gaycord was a very small and incomplete project I helped out with years back. It was the beginnings of my building before I started taking on commissions. The only thing I was able to build before the server went on hiatus was the main lobby: