Rising Storms

My First Feature-Length Film

'Rising Storms' will forever be remembered as my first full-length film. It was the starting point for my venture into film-making and made me realise that more was possible than I could imagine. I fell in love with screenplay writing and filming after its release, and created more machinimas and films to follow.

"Have you ever wondered about what happens behind what we see? If there's a reason for the weather to turn on us? Because it's not just what they're showing you... It's much, much more than that."

The weather changed over time and cities were taken over by strong winds, the non-stopping rain and the powerful thunder. When Abbie finds out that the storms are caused by the Government itself, she makes it her responsibility to stop the disasters from happening... However, she doesn't realise just how dangerous it's going to be, nor can she ever be prepared for the consequences of her actions..."