Observational Paintings

Painting from Observation

After the creation of my three-dimensional "Death of Nature" Installation, I started painting from what I could see around me; the objects and shapes that were created from the decaying plants and fruit, and the suspension of objects from the ceiling.

A Flower left Abandoned

As I observed the branches and the leaves in my installation, I created a narrative in my head about a plant which is abandoned with a few lone trees on the sides. It is purposefully not centered as the composition itself adds to messages about loneliness and neglect, and the light coming from the top is a source of hope and freedom.

The piece uses abstract colours which you don't normally see in nature, which was done to bring out fun and engaging memories of childhood, as I'd often go to the forest to play when I was younger. The harmony of the colours working together to create the piece shows how every aspect of nature co-exists in a perfect balance.

Suspended in the Air

Several objects in the installation were hung on strings from the ceiling and gave the impression of floating as they turned and twisted with the slightest draft of wind. I had the idea of creating a piece which contained many curling decayed leaves hanging down; the leaves in the foreground being saturated and dark, and getting less pigmented and lighter further back to add a third dimension to the piece.

This painting uses a much messier and expressive style as I used a thick brush and dry acrylic paint to create the effect. The blobs of colour make a shape that is hard to make out, so the audience is made to look between the lines to find out what the piece is.

The Isolated Rose

As I was collecting decaying plants, I came across roses and fell in love with the way their petals curled and twisted as time went by. I wanted to create a piece similar to the first one, but isolate a lonely rose in the center with red light coming down. I really like the use of colour in this piece as it uses similar methods to the previous ones. The folds of the petals are outlined with the highlights of the strong top-lighting, with the red contrasting against its complementary green colours.

Observational Drawings

Along with the paintings, I also did a few short drawings as I observed the materials in front of me. I used byro, fine liner and later acrylic paint to make a few quick observations of leaves and branches, inspired by one of my sketchbook pages.