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My dream job as a filmmaker

As I was discovering myself, my passions, and my hobbies, I came to the realisation that film was a platform that allowed me to combine all of my skills into one and create a truly beautiful result. The process of transforming a screenplay into an art form is the most satisfying and fulfilling feeling I can imagine.

I am currently studying Film Production at the University of Salford, UK.

The Journey through the moving image medium

When I was young I had always aspired to be an actor; to bring about a character and live in their shoes, to feel their emotions, and to perform as such in front of an audience. However, since then my motives had shifted as I concluded that rather than performing, I had a spark for creating and telling a story through a visual medium.

I started off my journey through writing and learning how to create a fictional world and tell a story to an audience after being inspired by Cargo (Howling & Ramke, 2017) in my book "The Journey". It was only a few years later that I felt comfortable enough to take my stories from written word to a moving image, the beginning to what would become my dream as a filmmaker.

It's Not Too Late (Rafal Szuba, 2022)

My Filmography (click "read more" for commentary)

Disequilibrium - Short Film (2022)🡭 READ MORE
Checkmate - Short Film (2022)
It's Not Too Late - Short Film (2022)
SURVIVED - Live Action Film (2021)
The Ones Left - Minecraft Film, on hiatus
The Walled: Experiment - Minecraft Documentary Film (2021)
Slender: The Case - Minecraft Film (2019)
Rising Storms - Minecraft Film (2019)
3 A.M. - Horror Short Film(2018)
Imagine Halloween - Minecraft Short Film

Behind the Scenes - Minecraft Short Film
Build It! - Minecraft Short Film